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2014 Tours Sites

We are currently working with many of our tour sites to arrange final details.  Please check back with us soon to preview this year's tour sites.  

Please see below for a list of last year's site schedule:

Canning/freezing Compost Organic Practices Permaculture Rainwater Catchment Recycling Vegetable/Herb Garden

A trip to this organic garden will give you a chance to see how you too can practice water conservation, recycling, permaculture, companion planting and year round gardening. 5 years ago, health issues spurred the owner to delve into growing her own food and adopting healthier practices.   The garden is comprised of 10 raised beds, which includes bean tee-pees that double as a playhouse for her grandchildren.   The owner, Christine Bonner,  cans, freezes and dries her crops. Her irrigation system is a lesson in disease and insect reduction. This site also houses two beehives.  A local soup kitchen, friends and neighbors benefit from the garden's bounty.   Come visit, learn and find inspiration.

Christine Bonner and family
10 Hidden Hills Court
Greenville 29605
United States
Compost Container Garden Herbal Medicinal Orchard Vegetable/Herb Garden Vertical Garden

Inspired by a friend and a lack of interest in retirement, Mr. Earle could not stay idle. So he put his love and experience of growing fresh foods into action.  This 100 x 200 square foot garden is a sight to see and experience.  Everything from his method for planting seeds by the moon, the watering system utilizing collected rain water, and homemade compost to enrich the soil produces the finest vegetables and plants in the area.  Come see what Mr Earle has planted this fall. Collard greens are a staple leafy green veggie in the South but have you seen the mysterious "tree collards" plant? Mr. Earle has two large tree collards in his garden. Come see for your self!  

Oliver Earle
104 A Sullivan St.
Greenville 29605
United States
Community Vegetable Garden Composting Container Garden Organic Practices Water Conservation
Dunean Historical Society endeavors to preserve Greenville’s textile heritage and strengthen the community.  In Spring 2013, the historical society added a community vegetable garden to their existing Memorial Garden , which contains a WWII Memorial,  Community Christmas Tree,  and a Memory Walk in rememberance of Dunean Mill and Village.  Thanks to generous donations the vegetable garden now features 5 raised beds and 15 large containers in addition to the vegetables grown in the original garden.  Gardeners use organic practices when possible and frequently donate to Dunean Methodist Church’s Food Pantry and Wednesday night meals.  The garden has become a source of great pride for the community. 
Dunean Historical Society Community Garden
31 Stevens St
Greenville 29605
United States
Vegetable and Herb Garden

In an effort to give back to the community, Mike Pennington decided to transform an unused lot located behind his restaurant on Augusta Street.  His vision was to create a space that would foster neighborhood involvement through urban gardening in an otherwise underdeveloped community area.  The garden's proximity to his business attracts patrons to seek urban garden information and education.  A variety of seasonal vegetables, herbs, fruiting plants and flowers can be observed growing throughout the year.  Produce from the garden is shared with the local neighborhood, under privileged youth, and also supplements the restaurant’s produce needs.

Funnelicious Community Garden
155 Augusta St
Greenville 29601
United States
Compost Green Design Organic Practices Recycling Renewable Energy Vegetable/Herb Garden

Created as a learning opportunity for Furman University students in 2008, the Furman Farm promotes lessons in organic growing practices, local food systems, and basic garden skills. The quarter-acre garden, located adjacent to the Shi Center for Sustainability, provides hands-on experience in sustainable and organic agriculture. They use the pre-consumer waste from the Dining Hall and yard clippings from the maintenance crew for composting, which is in turn used in their 50 garden rows. The harvested produce is sold through a CSA program to staff, faculty, and students, and also to the public at the Randy Blackwell Farm Stand during the spring and fall.

Directions: Take the Furman exit off of Poinset Hwy 276, after passing under the highway, follow Furman Farm signs. Go 1/3 of the way around the fountain/circle and take a right – signs will point toward North Campus. Stay straight for ~1/2 of a mile – over two brick speed bumps, and see the Apartments on the right. Start climbing the next hill, turn left on Dave Garrett Drive into Duke Energy Village (looks like a parking lot). The Furman Farm is located next to Cliffs Cottage. Plenty of parking is available in this lot.


Bruce Adams, Katie Premo and students
3300 Poinsett Highway
Greenville 29613
United States
Backyard Chickens Compost Greenhouse Garden Vegetable/ Herb Garden Vermiculture

This amazing example of gardening is not one to miss.  The Generous Garden is aptly named; the 4-acre project's purpose is to help fight hunger by growing (using organic methods), harvesting and coordinating the delivery of fresh produce in Greenville.  There are 2 greenhouses; each is 100' long and one is dedicated to aquaponics and vermiculture.  There are also 3 fields that are harvested year round.  In the fall they yield leafy greens, radishes and a wide range of flowers and herbs.  Not only do they provide food, but they also serve to teach others how to grow fresh produce in a sustainable way.  True role models to garden after!

Bo Cable
161 Verdin Road
Greenville 29607
United States
Compost CVegetable/ Herb Garden Irrigation System

This community garden program is possible through the support of Ken and Tamar Zwedling, property owners. The GOFO community garden program aims to engage its members in learning about the benefits and challenges of growing our own vegetables and helping make city living more sustainable.  There are 14 raised beds in addition to an herb bed, a compost bin, irrigation, and a shed for tools and supplies. Fourteen families maintain the garden as a team effort using only safe, natural and organic alternatives for dealing with insect and disease treatment. Garden members learn to grow veggies and eat them too. Come visit our garden sanctuary!

Directions: The entrance to the garden is at the bottom of the hill through a gate.

GOFO and the Zwerdling Family
733 Bennett Street
Greenville 29609
United States
Compost Organic Practices Vegetable Garden

Come visit the first garden in the city that grows organic vegetables right at the work place. The idea sprouted (pun intended) when GOFO’s office relocated to Crescent Studios, a new cooperative office environment. Since most of us spend longer hours at work than we do at home, it made sense to grow veggies just outside by the office parking lot. The results? Tenants may toss a salad fresh from the garden for lunch or take greens home. Growing organically can definitely be labor intensive, involving lots of hand-picking bugs and squishing caterpillars, but it also offers a restful – and healthful – break from the computer screen.

GOFO and Crescent Studios
1040 West Washington St
Greenville 29601
United States
Backyard Chickens Sustainable Practices

This family got their first chicks (and built their first coop) in 2010, inspired by the quality of eggs given to them by a family member who has a small farm. The Gosnells will show you how to integrate your favorite clucking layers right in your own backyard.  Some may think that raising chickens in the city could be a “fowl” experience, but we think it’s a good way to “feather” your nest!  Come visit this coop with 18 heritage hens – this site will prove to you don’t have to have a farm to have those farm-fresh eggs.

Dale Gosnell
214 East Earle Street
Greenville 29609
United States

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